Jessica Gaines

Stop Trying to Fix Yourself & Really Begin To See Yourself by Connecting With Your Body On a Daily Basis

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Guided Meditation to Clear, Ground & Bubble Your Energy

About the Speaker

“I am an empath, animal communicator, psychic medium, intuitive channel, international life coach, certified Embody teacher, energy healer and a portal of love & possibility. This wasn’t always me. This me was hiding. I’ve learned to transform my shadows into superpowers.

I WAS an alcoholic, drug addict, media addict, work-a-holic, severe co-dependent, suffered from crippling anxiety and was a shell of my true self. I went from ADDICT to INTUITIVE by following the breadcrumbs from Spirit. And you can too.

I can help you tap into your TRUE SELF, develop your intuiton, and trust YOUR bread crumbs from Spirit to create a life you truly want to live. A surrendered, grounded amd embodied life; Connected to the Divine while having the courage to get dirty and play full out on this amazing, magical playground we call Earth.

I help you transform anxiety, depression and doubt into joy, peace and inner wholeness. Let’s unveil all that is waiting to be birthed through the unique expression that is you. It’s already IN you. I just support you in its awakening.”