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Jessa, is a single mom to 2 of the sweetest little boys, she also happens to be in the process of a messy and painful divorce. She has recently had her heart shattered into billions of pieces, but this hasn’t stopped her. She love to play hard any chance she can. Whether jumping out of airplanes or just going on a bike ride Jessa is a lover of fun and adventure.

For someone who tends to never stop moving or doing, Jessa has learned to incorporated the practice of slowing down. This practice has created a beautiful connection with herself, which has enabled her to be present and joyful despite anything going on around her.

Jessa began her self improvement journey back when she was 19 years young. She was in college, unsure about what she was going to do with her life. She was introduced to a book “the richest man in Babylon”. It opened up her eyes to a whole new way of thinking and living. Since then she has never stopped learning. Whether it has been through books, therapy, podcasts, coaches, mentors, or friends she is eternally grateful for each step in her development.

These days Jessa is a coach supporting people through relationships. She has multiple courses for those of you who are wanting more connection, intimacy, and joy in your relationships. She does this by helping you better understand yourself and more clearly know your strengths and weaknesses. Along with, teaches you the tools you can use immediately in your day to day life to create connection and healthy communication. She first began her coaching career and certification through Tony Robbins Robbins and Madanes coaching in 2019.