Charis Sederberg

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Charis Sederberg has been a registered nurse for almost 20 years. She spent her nursing career taking care of patients with cancer. About 10 years ago, her own health was suffering and she couldn’t get any answers or support from the traditional medical model. After being told “there is nothing wrong with you” a number of times, she decided to take her health into her own hands.

She enrolled in the Nutrition Therapy Institute for the “education” and quickly realized that she had to help others as she was able to help herself and her family. Prime to Nourish is built on three foundations for optimal healing; digestion, nutrition and nervous system regulation. Charis helps her clients develop strategies to support these foundations for their personal situation so they can start their health transformation. Charis also designs personalized protocols based on functional testing to support her clients where appropriate on their health journey.