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How do you feel about your relationships?

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This month we GET To Celebrate Love and Relationships!

We believe that there are two things that hold people back. Money and Relationships and Money is just a bi-product, so its really just relationships.

Our relationship with those outside of us, with ourselves, our perspective, our trauma, our food and ALL things. Our relationships dictate how we show up, how we perform, and how we see the world.

How are your relationships these days?

This month we have brought all new Experts to the stage. Our experts are sharing their guidance on things like; how to fall in Love with yourself, how to follow your intuition, boundaries, 5 love languages and so much more. Our experts are teaching us Rapid Relief techniques, supporting our mindset through healing relationships and even how to quiet the voices in your head.

I know that many of us can feel lonely around this time of year. Come and let us support you!

Click to Reserve your Spot!

There is no greater comfort than the love within your own heart and there is no greater relationship than the one you have with yourself!

I know sometimes you feel stuck or like there is no hope! I’m here to tell you that there is hope! Many of us have experienced Trauma in our lives, I am here to let you know that trauma does not have to hold you back, anymore!


YOU have the power to bring about great change!

You are the Light for your Family! Transformation begins from within and expands out to fill others. Stand in your grace and ACCEPT these beautiful gifts. There is no coincidence. YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON!

And we are here to support you!

I invite you to be open to receive, to allow the light of inspiration for change within you! I have invited some of the world’s best speakers, teachers, thought leaders, scientists, entrepreneurs, and medicine men and women to join The Healing Family Trauma Summit.

Click to Reserve your Spot!

Come and Discover their inspiring stories, cutting edge science, and the strategies that can support you on your journey through healing from trauma and leaving a legacy of love.

During this Online Event, we venture inside the secrets of our ancestors, spirituality, animal healing and guides, energy healing, mindset, epigenetics, EMDR and more.

Do not miss this extraordinary chance to heal yourself and your family!

Are you Joining us? Click here – I can’t wait to see you there!


Email subject:

Are you ready to Transform Your Relationships?

Email body:


Are you ready to Transform Your Relationships?

Are you feeling anxious because you don’t have a partner for Valentine’s day? Or maybe you are feeling anxious because you do have a partner but your relationship is lacking.

Do you often feel lonely or like something is missing? Do you feel like your relationships are holding you back?

We GET IT! And we have put together something GREAT that may support you.

Your relationships don’t have to hold you back anymore! Here at the Healing Family Trauma Summit we are working toward healing ourselves so that we may shine our light and support our family through their healing.

If you can imagine your life FULL of Abundant Prosperity.. THIS IS FOR YOU!

Click to Reserve your Spot!

This month the Healing Family Trauma summit is all about LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS!

Come with us on this journey as we discover how to Fall in Love with ourselves. How to set healthy boundaries, how to tune into our own intuition. Learn about the 5 love languages and about your emotional connection to food. Our experts are sharing techniques to support you in healing your internal family systems and how to stand in your Power!

What would it be like to have that beautiful “fairy tale” partnership filled with communication, trust, laughs, and lots of love.

What if you got up every day in love with yourself, In love with your life and the process of transformation on your journey.

Come with an open mind and an open heart!

Click to Reserve your Spot!

We have put together a phenomenal show to support you in ways that you could only imagine.

Share this with your friends, with your family, with the women in your life that you want to see prosper in abundance.

YOU ARE WORTH IT! We love you!

Are you Joining us? Click here – I can’t wait to see you there!


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Who would you be if you could play 100% at life! If you could consciously create your path?

What if you could see where you are going, by looking at and accepting what has been. You have the chance to make a different choice in your life. Consciously!

Understand what has happened, and begin to know what is possible!

You are the light for your Family. Bring your family together and come join us at the Healing Family Trauma Summit : [Insert affiliate link here]

Your light is so much bigger than your past traumas.

Many people have experienced challenging circumstances with the ones they love the most. It is kind of backwards to think that some of the biggest limitations we use to limit our lives happened in childhood.

AND here’s the good news! If you are reading this you are most likely the one who came to bust through all of your family’s limitations to shine your authentic light. You were the one- the black sheep, the outcast, the good girl, the silent sufferer, the angry one or the shy one who saw what no one else in your family could or wanted to see.

You came here to heal your family trauma, for you are the one that gets to break the link to the past. And you get to leave a whole new legacy of love, wholeness and true wealth.

Join us FREE here: [Insert affiliate link here]

Who would you be if you could be whoever you imagined?

What if that life you have been dreaming of, wasn’t just a dream anymore? What if you could unleash your greatness?

Who would you be? Let’s imagine the possibilities together!

What are you waiting for? Come join us FREE at the Healing Family Trauma Summit: [Insert affiliate link here]