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JayEl is a certified Energy Healer, and a Transformation coach with over 20 years of supporting her clients through transforming their trauma to their excellence. Her signature process of HeartFlow™, helps women break free from past trauma and ignite the energy and passion inside of them to live the live they were meant to. She is a mindset and energy expert specializing in releasing old trauma. 

JayEl also has over a decade of corporate experience as a portfolio manager, senior account executive and senior team liaison for Home Depot managing over 17 million a year in accounts. 

She is a natural born leader that possesses an authentic, responsible, and generous spirit. She is the founder of Proceed with Love, an organization that gives back to those in need. 

Her passion is in supporting and uplifting humanity through its transformation. Her focus is those who are the light for their family. You know who you are!